Venus, Violet & Valentino

This sweet family is so precious and strong. They are full of laughter and love while they support one another through their health issues.
Valentino LOVES Superman and the Justice League. Like most little boys Valentino likes to play video games, watch football, and wants to be a pastor when he grows up. Valentino was born premature and spent a long time in the NICU. He was diagnosed with VSD, ADHD and Long QT type 8 syndrome.
Venus is two years old and has super sass! This is a girl who knows what she wants and has the spunk to get it! She loves her baby dolls, loves to play dress up, panting her nails and she loves the water. Venus was also born premature, diagnosed with Long QT type 8 syndrome. She has endured several surgeries and is closely monitored due to her heart irregularities.
Violet has struggled with her health since she was a baby. She gets sick often and has a very hard time getting healthy. She has had multiple ear infections which led to hearing loss in one of her ears. Violet has had phenomena 3 times. She has had countless MRI’s, labs drawn, specialist visits and at 5 years old was just diagnosed with having an autoimmune disease. Now Violet is in the right direction to receive the answers she needs to get healthy.
Long QT type 8 syndrome is a rare heart genetic heart disorder that can cause fast and chaotic heart rhythms. If untreated this is extremely dangerous and can cause fainting spells, seizures and can be fatal. There are treatments for this syndrome that include medications, implants and surgeries.

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