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Meet Roman! Roman is an energetic, enthusiastic, loving little boy with the most amazing smile!!!! Roman was born with Trisomy 21, but he does not let anything slow him down- seriously, this kid is fast! He took us for a run during his session and was sure to slip in some belly laughs and smiles […]

Jaqueline : Trisomy 21, primary pulmonary hypertension, chronic respiratory failure

Jacqueline’s sweet smile can brighten the darkest days. During her Sweet Session Jacqueline was all about playing peekaboo, clapping her feet and spinning around her blanket. She smiled throughout the morning and she is an absolute joy! Jacqueline was born with Trisomy 21, primary pulmonary hypertension, chronic respiratory failure, and has undergone major surgeries. She is a fighter and […]

Aliyah : Down Syndrome

“Aliyah was diagnosed with trisomy 21 and multiple heart defects two days after birth. Because we had no indication that there were any probable issues, we were a bit overwhelmed to say the least. After about two years of specialists, home visits, and sleepovers at Children’s Hospital, Aliyah began to blossom like we couldn’t have […]

Gabriel :: trisomy 21, A.L.L. survivor

Gabriel is full of energy. He has been known to surprise his teachers as well as his parents for his ability to adapt and learn so quickly. Even though Gabriel has trisomy 21 (an extra chromosome that causes his speech and other delays), he is high functioning and has changed his family dynamic for the […]