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Noah :: Forever in our Hearts

Noah was a beautiful baby boy born into a loving family who cherished everything that made him unique. The unconditional love began immediately after his mom found out she was pregnant and only became stronger when doctors told her Noah had Trisomy 13. Noah was not expected to survive but his mommy never gave up […]

Josiah :: Forever in our Hearts

Sweet Josiah will forever be in our hearts. It is our prayer these photographs tell Josiah’s story; Josiah was a beautiful baby boy, abundant in tender love. He had deep eyes filled with wonder and sweet lashes that had the most perfect curl. He had ten little toes, ten fingers and the most kissable chubby […]

Genevieve :: Forever in our hearts

We remember Genevieve. Sweet Genevieve passed away after a hard and strong fight against Sandhoff Disease. She was loved by many and will be forever missed. Please join Sweet Nectar Society in sending your love to her family during this time. PHOTOGRAPHY DONATED BY JESS CADENA

2nd Annual Memorial Walk

Our thoughts continue to be with the families of our Sweeties who are no longer with us. 30 beautiful children were honored this morning during our 2nd Annual Memorial Walk. Families were given an opportunity to come together over a meal and share stories and treasured memories of their Sweetie. A VERY SWEET THANK YOU! Thank you to the […]

Remembering Isabel

Our hearts continue to go our to Isabel’s family. Isabel passed away in May 2015 from DIPG, a rapid growing brain tumor. photography by Carrie Anne Miranda  

Remembering Natalie

Today we remember Sweet Natalie. We send our most heart felt condolences to Natalie’s loved ones.

Remembering DeeVina

We remember the sweet DeeVina today and lift her family up with prayers of comfort. photography by Carina Dunmore

Remembering Anthony

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Anthony’s family. Anthony was a polite, charming and wonderful boy who brought love and happiness to his family. He enjoyed being in 6th grade and hanging out with his family and friends. Anthony began had a pain in his shoulder, and began getting sick with fevers during the […]

Tania : Rhabdomyosarcoma

It is with broken hearts we remember Sweet Tania. She passed away after a long and difficult battle with Rhabdomyosarcoma. This little princess brought so much joy to her loved ones and taught everyone around her how to live each moment to the fullest. photography by Jess Cadena

Remembering Marietta

Tonight we remember Marietta and send our love to her family. Marietta was born with an unknown genetic disorder. Her parents did not learn of her developmental issues until she was about 3 months old and they noticed visual impairment. After that point more and more problems began to arise: seizures, severe developmental delays, autism, to name […]

Adilene :: Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Strong, beautiful, bold and brave.  All words that describe little Adilene.  She brought joy and laughter to her parents and  nurses that cared for her and  especially her two wonderful loving sisters. She was taken too soon from this world but we honor her memory and cherish her spirit. Fly high sweet girl.

Lorena :: Rhabdomyosarcoma

Lorena is a beautiful 4th grader who just celebrated her 9th birthday! Lorena relapsed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, cancerous (malignant) tumor of the muscles that are attached to the bones. Doctors say Lorena’s cancer is terminal but she does not let this prognosis slow her down. Enjoy all 4th grade has to offer her and happy to […]