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Jazlynn :: Ewings sarcoma

Meet Jazlynn! Jazlynn is a stunningly beautiful little girl with a bright smile and shinning personality. Jazzy was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma and underwent 17 rounds of chemotherapy. Jazzi finished treatment and is now CANCER FREE! We send our continued love and support to Sweet Jazzi! PHOTOGRAPHY DONATED BY BRITTANY WILBUR

Kimberly : Ewings Sarcoma

Kimberly was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. She has successfully completed intense treatment and is currently in remission! Her tumor was on her pelvis which caused a lot of pain to move around. She has continued with physical therapy to help with pain management and to improve her mobility. Kimberly is a very strong, kind and […]

Rosa Maria : Ewings Sarcoma

Rosa Maria was diagnosed with ewings sarcoma in June 2014. Her symptoms began as pain in her chest and she knew something was not right. After doctors told her to just keep an eye on it and dismissed concerns Rosa Maria continued searching for answers. Finally, testing was conducted and it was determined that she […]