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Noah :: Forever in our Hearts

Noah was a beautiful baby boy born into a loving family who cherished everything that made him unique. The unconditional love began immediately after his mom found out she was pregnant and only became stronger when doctors told her Noah had Trisomy 13. Noah was not expected to survive but his mommy never gave up […]

Hugo : Wilm’s Tumor

I hopped out of my car, holding my camera bag and a size 8 outfit. Plaid button up shirt that I’d carefully rolled the cuffs. Grey linen shorts that I had picked out purposely to match the blue walls of the hospital room. I was ready to capture beautiful photos of a boy that was […]

Jaleena : Down Syndrome

Jaleena’s family didn’t find out that there were indicators of Down Syndrome until she was two days old and didn’t get a final diagnosis until she was two weeks. At that point they were sent to Children’s Hospital Central California where doctors found a huge hole in Jaleena’s heart. At just 3 months old Jaleena underwent open […]