Richard : Congenital Heart Defect

Meet Richard. It was apparent that Richard felt extremely comforted while his dad was holding him during his session. The way he looked at his daddy and laughed was a very heart warming moment.
Richard was born with a congenital heart defect that was not discovered until after he was born. He was immediately rushed to Children’s Hospital Central California for surgery. Richards heart was backwards, it did not have the needed artery connections, and was missing a valve. This Sweetie has spent many months in the hospital. On top of heart issues Richard has respiratory issues due to the lack of blood pumping to his lungs which causes him to need a CPAP at times. He is currently given 24 hour nutrition through a J-tube but is working on eating by mouth. Richard has had two surgeries and will require more in the future. It is not out of the question that one day he will require a full heart transplant but at this time he is okay with the reconstruction that has taken place.
Richard is blessed with very loving parents and his 5 siblings. This has been a very difficult year for his family because on top of Richards health issues his mom suffered a massive heart attach and is currently on the transplant list.

Please join Sweet Nectar Society and send your love and prayers to this sweet family!

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photography by Brittany Wilbur