Phoebe :: Down Syndrome

Meet Phoebe!
Phoebe’s mom shared a sweet depiction of her Sweetie, we adore this girls spunk! “Phoebe is amazing! She is incredibly motivated and determined. If she wants something there is not much that will stop her from getting it, she is a dream chaser!
I found out when I was pregnant that Phoebe tested positive for Trisomy 21, but her markers were so insignificant on the ultrasounds that I asked for a blood test in the hospital when she was born. Even hours after she was born she was trying to lift her head up and was nursing. Phoebe has maintained meeting her developmental milestones within 6 months of her chronological age, which further illustrates her internal drive to succeed. As she has grown up over the last two years she has developed an amazing sense of humor and a wild yet stubborn personality! I feel blessed in knowing that NO one will take advantage of her as she can advocate for herself so well. I am proud that she is independent and vocal about what she wants! Phoebe is also eager to please and LOVES to be praised. In fact, she reminds her teachers that she did something well by clapping and starting to cheer for herself!
Phoebe has brought joy to each and every person that she has encountered and I am exceptionally proud of everything she has accomplished in such a short period of time.”
phoebe-21 phoebe-22 phoebe-20 phoebe-19 phoebe-4-2Photography donated by Alexandria Smith