Paulette :: Trisomy 13

“From the moment Paulette was born doctors did not know what was wrong with her. Doctors noticed the obvious, her extra toes and fingers. She was immediately taken to NICU due to her low blood sugar levels and her inability to suck from bottle. It was then shared with me, she could not any formula down because she had a cleft palate. She was then put on NG tube after her first week in the NICU and she was diagnosed with Trisomy 13. Doctors and nurses just keep repeating they did not know how long or if she would live. After a long month which seemed like forever, she got stronger and was able to live without the IV’S, breathing tubes. A week later I was finally able to bring her home on hospice concurrent home care. I am proud to say my lil trooper is doing well and will soon be getting her hearing aids in when she is 6 months old. It has been a struggle for both Paulette and our family due to her disability, the countless sleepless nights and pain, but we continue to fight. Her doctor says that out of his 30 years of practice she is the strongest trisomy 13 he has ever seen. Besides all of her stuggels, all that she is still here with us by the grace of GOD.”

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