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Double the Sweetness with twins, Calvin & Kingston.

Their mom shared the boys story with Sweet Nectar Society. We are so thankful she followed her heart- despite the repeated attempts to have her terminate her pregnancy- Calvin and Kingston are blessings and bring so much joy to this world!
“Calvin and Kingston are twin boys. They are my miracle babies. I was told at the beginning of my pregnancy that I would miscarry because I was in so much pain. Doctors were wrong and my pregnancy started to go a bit smoother until I hit 17 weeks. I went in for an ultrasound and they found that Kingston had a lot of fluid in his cerebellum which has blocked his brain from forming properly. The doctors told me he would die in the womb and to make it easier on myself and my family, that I should abort him. I just couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t be able to ever forgive myself because I’d always be thinking “what if they were wrong…” As time passed through my pregnancy, doctors from SFSU invited me to get an MRI when I was 20 weeks in San Francisco. After the MRI, a panel of six doctors went through and each told me that I should abort Kingston and that he’d either be stillborn or not able to function at birth. I felt very uncomfortable and very pressured. I again said no. They called me all the way up until I was 26 weeks trying to change my mind on having an abortion. It was just terrible and made me feel even more worse than I already felt. At 29 weeks I went into early labor and was admitted to CRMC. They stopped the labor and had me on bedrest until I was 36 weeks. At this time we had no idea Kingston Had Arthrogryposis until he was born. When the twins were born, Calvin got to stay with me, and Kingston stayed in the NICU for five days. It was incredibly difficult in the beginning when they came home. I was so scared that Kingston would stop breathing during sleep and was constantly checking him since the doctors had me paranoid. We went through so many doctors appts, up and down CA up until he was 3. Calvin was diagnosed with Autism when he was two and a half. One of Kingston’s specialists from City Kids came over weekly for visits with Kingston, and noticed signs very early in Calvin. I had no idea anything was amiss. They were both my first pregnancy so him being non-verbal, giving no eye contact and wanting absolutely no interaction with children didn’t have me thinking “maybe something is wrong here” I thought he was just a shy boy. Thankfully because of Kingston’s specialist, she sent a referral over to CVRC and we got him evaluated all the resources we needed, including more education for myself since I knew very little about Autism then. They both started special education preschool programs when they were two and a half. Both went to separate schools because Kingston needed to be in a program that worked with children with more severe disabilities. They are both in Kindergarten. We didn’t have much issues with Calvin until he hit kindergarten, where he was being bullied because he is a bit different socially and has some behaviors that confused the other kids like his hand flapping and repetitive behaviors, the kids at this age still don’t understand. It was definitely hard at the beginning of the year. Calvin and Kingston are six, they are are the sweetest, happiest kids. They are the best big brothers to little sister Aubrey, who is four. Kingston is non-verbal and in a wheelchair and Calvin is verbal, very hyper & repetitive. Two very silly boys.”
Please join Sweet Nectar Society in encouraging this courageous family and sweet boys!

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