Abby :: Metastic Pineoblastoma (brain cancer)

Abigail Grace is a precious four year old girl whose story touches the hearts of people near and far. After being sick during June 2011, she had an MRI on July 7th, 2011 which changed the Needham’s life forever. Abby was diagnosed with Metastic Pineoblastoma. This is a malignant brain cancer which has already spread down into her spine. This is a very difficult cancer to overcome.

Throughout the fall of 2011, Abby went through a series of high dose chemotherapy treatments with stem cell transplants. In 2012, Abby’s treatments will continue with metronomic chemotherapy to hold the remaining live disease as long as possible before she endures full cranial-spine radiation. Abby is a miracle child, to say the least, and the family is hopeful for a cure.

I feel privileged for spending an afternoon with this bundle of joy and her loving family. During Abby’s photo session she showed me how she “twirls like a ballerina”. While twirling Abby closed her eyes and stretched her pretty little hands out as far to the side as she could, the sun kissed her face as the wind blew her yellow dress; this was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I could not hold the tears from rolling down my face. This powerful moment touched my heart and I am happy to be able to share this photo with everybody.


If you would like to follow Abby’s story or help support this family please visit Angels for Abby Grace.This is a page designed for individuals or groups who want to help Duncan, Theresa, Lily and Abby Needham as they help Abby fight her battle with brain cancer.

photography/bio by brittany wilbur

clothing donated by ga ga chic

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